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Volume 25, Issue 8

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August 2020



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Pages: 771-775 | First Published: 15 July 2020


Cover image: Asthma/COPD overlap (ACO) is a diagnostic label which attempts to consider the overlapping clinical features of each condition. However, numerous definitions and unclear treatment limits its clinical value. (Illustration credit: Dr Ciléin Kearns) See Kearns et al on p781-783 and Barrecheguren et al., p836-849.


Anti‐inflammatory reliever therapy in asthma: The evidence mounts but more is needed
Pepa Bruce MBBS, Lee Hatter MBBS, Richard Beasley DSc

Pages: 776-778 | First Published: 23 June 2020

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Shedding light on the ‘black hole’ of small airways physiology in asthma
Francis Thien MD FRACP FCCP

Pages: 779-780 | First Published: 08 March 2020

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From Osler to personalized medicine in obstructive airways disease
Nethmi Kearns MBChB, Ciléin Kearns MBChB, Richard Beasley DSc

Pages: 781-783 | First Published: 31 March 2020


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Tumour mutation burden of non‐small cell lung cancer with pre‐existing ILD
Chong‐Kin Liam MBBS, FRCP (London)

Pages: 784-786 | First Published: 05 December 2019

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High attenuation areas in pulmonary computed tomography: Their meaning and use in interstitial lung disease

Pages: 787-789 | First Published: 16 April 2020

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The ‘great wait’ for diagnosis in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Jason Weatherald MD, Marc Humbert MD, PhD

Pages: 790-792 | First Published: 01 April 2020

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Periodic leg movements: A marker of cardiovascular risk?
Mark E. Howard MBBS, FRACP, GDEB, PhD, Fergal J. O'Donoghue FRACP, PhD

Pages: 793-794 | First Published: 08 March 2020

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Inhaled corticosteroids/formoterol as a reliever in mild asthma
Paul M. O'Byrne MB, FRCP(C)

Pages: 795-796 | First Published: 30 March 2020

Targeting the interleukin‐17 pathway to prevent acute respiratory distress syndrome associated with SARS‐CoV ‐2 infection
Tomas Raul Wiche Salinas MD, PhD(c), Boyang Zheng MD, Jean‐Pierre Routy MD, Petronela Ancuta PhD

Pages: 797-799 | First Published: 17 June 2020

The challenge of COVID ‐19 has accelerated the use of new data‐sharing technologies
Venktesh R. Ramnath MD, Kristina Kairaitis MD, PhD, Atul Malhotra MD

Pages: 800-801 | First Published: 01 July 2020

Is it time to redefine obstructive sleep apnoea?
Sateesh Sakhamuri DM, FCCP, ATSF, Surujpal Teelucksingh FRCP (EDIN), Ahmed S. BaHammam MD, FRCP

Pages: 802-803 | First Published: 12 June 2020


What have we learnt about asthma control from trials of budesonide/formoterol as maintenance and reliever?
Christine R. Jenkins, Eric D. Bateman, Malcolm R. Sears, Paul M. O'Byrne

Pages: 804-815 | First Published: 31 March 2020


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Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
Stéphane Jouneau, Cédric Ménard, Mathieu Lederlin

Pages: 816-826 | First Published: 03 May 2020


Asthma and Allergy

Ventilation heterogeneity and oscillometry predict asthma control improvement following step‐up inhaled therapy in uncontrolled asthma
Francesca S.M. Tang, Sandra Rutting, Catherine E. Farrow, Katrina O. Tonga, Joanna Watts, Jessica R. Dame‐Carrol, Amy Bertolin, Gregory G. King, Cindy Thamrin, David G. Chapman

Pages: 827-835 | First Published: 05 February 2020


In the present study, we found that baseline measures of small airway function by forced oscillation technique (FOT) and multiple‐breath nitrogen washout (MBNW) predicted improved asthma control upon inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) up‐titration, suggesting that FOT and MBNW may provide important markers for assessing ICS responsiveness.

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Identification and definition of asthma–COPD overlap: The CanCOLD study
Miriam Barrecheguren, Lancelot Pinto, Seyed‐Mohammad‐Yousof Mostafavi‐Pour‐Manshadi, Wan C. Tan, Pei Z. Li, Shawn D. Aaron, Andrea Benedetti, Kenneth R. Chapman, Brandie Walker, J. Mark Fitzgerald, Paul Hernandez, François Maltais, Darcy D. Marciniuk, Denis E. O'Donnell, Don D. Sin, Jean Bourbeau, for the CanCOLD Collaborative Research Group and the Canadian Respiratory Research Network

Pages: 836-849 | First Published: 16 February 2020


Lack of consensus on the diagnosis of ACO limits our understanding of impact and outcomes. We identified individuals with ACO in the CanCOLD population by using seven clinical definitions. Asthma and atopy were the features that best identified ACO, and these patients had worse outcomes.

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Interstitial Lung Disease

icon-lock_open.png Open Access
Characterization of tumour mutation burden in patients with non‐small cell lung cancer and interstitial lung disease
Haruki Kobayashi, Masakuni Serizawa, Tateaki Naito, Hayato Konno, Hideaki Kojima, Tetsuya Mizuno, Mitsuhiro Isaka, Masahiro Endo, Takeshi Nagashima, Masatoshi Kusuhara, Kenichi Urakami, Keiichi Ohshima, Ken Yamaguchi, Yasuhisa Ohde, Toshiaki Takahashi

Pages: 850-854 | First Published: 06 November 2019

Patients with NSCLC and ILD did not have high TMB and could develop severe pneumonitis if immune checkpoint inhibitors are used. Therefore, immune checkpoint inhibitors should not be used based on expectations of high TMB in patients with NSCLC and ILD.

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Reference values for high attenuation areas on chest CT in a healthy, never‐smoker, multi‐ethnic sample: The MESA study
Imaani Easthausen, Anna Podolanczuk, Eric Hoffman, Steven Kawut, Elizabeth Oelsner, John S. Kim, Ganesh Raghu, Karen Hinckley Stukovsky, Susan Redline, Robyn L. McClelland, R Graham Barr, David J. Lederer

Pages: 855-862 | First Published: 17 February 2020

To better understand the natural variation of HAA (a novel quantitative CT‐based measure of subclinical ILD), we developed HAA reference equations and z‐scores to define expected values of HAA with adjustment for key demographic and anthropometric variables, and we demonstrated that HAA z‐scores correlate with several ILD features.

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Pulmonary Vascular Disease

Diagnostic delay in pulmonary arterial hypertension: Insights from the Australian and New Zealand pulmonary hypertension registry
Victor Khou, James J. Anderson, Geoff Strange, Carolyn Corrigan, Nicholas Collins, David S. Celermajer, Nathan Dwyer, John Feenstra, Mark Horrigan, Dominic Keating, Eugene Kotlyar, Melanie Lavender, Tanya J. McWilliams, Peter Steele, Robert Weintraub, Helen Whitford, Ken Whyte, Trevor J. Williams, Jeremy P. Wrobel, Anne Keogh, Edmund M. Lau

Pages: 863-871 | First Published: 30 January 2020

We examined diagnostic delay in a large binational cohort of PAH patients. Mean and median diagnostic intervals were 2.5+/–4.1 and 1.2 (IQR: 0.6–2.7) years, respectively. Age, cardiovascular and respiratory comorbidities were associated with longer diagnostic interval. Mortality was increased in patients with greater diagnostic interval.

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Sleep and Ventilation

Periodic limb movements during sleep and blood pressure changes in sleep apnoea: Data from the European Sleep Apnoea Database
Carolina Lombardi, Gianfranco Parati, Davide Soranna, Antonella Zambon, Paweł Sliwinski, Gabriel Roisman, Jean‐Louis Pepin, Sophia Schiza, Renata Riha, Pavol Joppa, Ingo Fietze, Jan Hedner, Ludger Grote, the European Sleep Apnoea Database (ESADA) Collaborators

Pages: 872-879 | First Published: 24 December 2019

The link between PLMS and cardiovascular alterations is still debated. Our current study aimed to address the effects of PLMS on BP in a large unselected OSA patient cohort, showing that the PLMS phenotype is associated with significantly elevated clinical SBP independent of confounders.

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